May 3, 2018



Warrants can either be issued for your arrest or to search and seize property.


If the warrant is for arrest of your person, it must issued by a magistrate when the police suspect you have been committing a criminal activity.  The most common by law enforcement to execute an arrest warrant will be either at your home or place of work.   If you believe that there is a warrant out for your arrest, please communicate with our office immediately.  We may be able to “control” the process by voluntarily surrendering you in court thereby avoiding the embarrassment of your friends and neighbors watching you get handcuffed and be placed in a patrol car.

If your loved one has been arrested in Los Angeles County, and you don’t know how to locate him/her, you able to locate your loved one if you have the legal name and date of birth.

A bench warrant will be issued by a judge if you fail to appear in court on your designated court date.  It is always best to go back to court as soon as possible in order to recall the warrant.  Remember that if there is a warrant, you will be taken into custody immediately if you have any contact with law enforcement for any reason.  Most of the time, the judge will issue a no-bail warrant, and you will not be able to be released from custody until you see a judge.

warrant can lead to enhanced legal penalties such as additional jail time, fines, and probation. For this reason, it is always advisable that you contact me once a warrant has been issued for your arrest.


Law enforcement can also serve a search warrant, also issued by a magistrate, to search and seize evidence that will likely be used against you.  These types of warrants will specify the location of the items to be seized, and also specify the nature of the items being searched for by law enforcement.


Although US citizens have a right to be free of search and seizure as guaranteed by the 4th Amendment, there are many exceptions to the rule.  It is important you speak with our office in order to discuss whether the warrant for arrest or search and seizure was valid.