July 3, 2018

Tarzana Criminal Defense Attorney

Sherman Oaks Criminal Defense Attorney

Tarzana Criminal Defense Attorney - If you were arrested or given a ticket in the Tarzana area, your case most likely will be heard at the Van Nuys Courthouse. We are at the courthouse every day and are very familiar with how they handle their proceedings.

Below are some details on the Van Nuys Courthouse:

  • The Courthouse is located at 14400 Erwin St, Van Nuys, CA 91401
  • The Courthouse Manager’s phone number is 818 989-6810
  • The Financial Evaluator’s phone number is 818 989-6845
  • The snack bar is located on the 1st Floor
  • Van Nuys Courthouse West Courtrooms (See list below):
  • Once arriving at the courthouse, located the calendar outside the Clerk’s office.  The calendar will have the courtroom location and the time your case will be heard.
  • If your name and case are not listed check with the Clerk’s office which usually opens at 8:30 am.  Give the clerk any paperwork you may have to assist him if finding your case.
  • A court appearance is mandatory if you have been accused of a misdemeanor or felony or if you have a warrant.  If you don’t make an appearance or have counsel representing you, the following may happen:
    • You may have been sentenced to jail time
    • You may be ordered to pay a fine or additional charges
    • If the nature of your matter is related to the DMV, you may have your insurance and or licensed suspended or revoked
  • Having someone who knows the laws representing you is in your best interest.  However, if you can not afford a private attorney the following options may be available:
    • A public defender attorney
    • An alternate public defender
    • Another court-appointed attorney
  • The court will determine which of these options is the most viable for you, your case, and your situation if you can not afford a Tarzana Criminal Defense Attorney.  However, be aware that if the court finds out that you can afford the cost it will force you to cover the charges.
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1058810(818) 989-6805
1126610(818) 989-6812
1137710(818) 989-6813
1157704(818) 989-6815
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