Woman Pleads No Contest in DUI Crash

Pleads No Contest

The Mercury News gives an account of a woman who pleads no contest in a wrong-way crash that asserted six lives.  Here are the facts:

  • The evening of February ninth, 2014, Olivia Carolee Culbreath drove the wrong route down not only one, but rather two roads.
  • She drove her red Chevrolet Camaro first north in the southbound paths of the 57 Freeway and after that east in the westward paths of the 60 Freeway. She pummeled head-on into a Ford Explorer, which was then consequently struck by another auto.
  • The four travelers in the Explorer were altogether murdered. Two travelers inside Culbreath’s Camaro were slaughtered. One of those travelers was Culbreath’s sister, 24-year-old Maya Culbreath.
  • Three hours after the mishap, Culbreath’s blood-liquor content was .15 percent, about double as far as possible.
  • Culbreath had a past DUI on her record from April 2010, and her permit was reestablished in December 2011. Only seven days before the savage crash, Culbreath had all confinements expelled from her permit.
  • Last Tuesday, Culbreath argued no challenge to six tallies of second-degree kill last Tuesday. The request was not some portion of a supplication deal, yet rather Culbreath wishing to save her family and the groups of her casualties a trial.
  • Culbreath is expected to be condemned on September seventh. She is confronting either 15 years or 30 years in state jail.

In California, in the event that you’ve had a past DUI, odds are that you have gone to DUI school and may have marked something many refer to as a Watson affirmation. This is an archive that expresses that you know that you might be accused of murder in the event that you are engaged with a future DUI mischance that claims an existence. As far as DUI, a DUI kill accusation is a moment degree kill allegation, implying that there was no malevolent aim to murder, yet that a man ought to have realized that their activities may bring about the death toll.

Pleads No Contest

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