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Officer DUI Arrest

There was an Officer DUI Arrest.  It was for suspicion of driving under the influence while he was off duty.  The police man’s name is Eduardo Arrizon.  His blood content level was over 0.15 which is far past the legal limit of 0.08.  At the time of the arrest, the officer was 24 years old.  He was an Oakland policeman and he refused the field sobriety test within the field.  He later agreed to a blood test.  The officer started the working officially on April 2015.  Why he was driving more than 100 miles per hour was not mentioned in the article.  The officer remains employed with the department in Oakland, California.

Another Oakland officer was arrested over the weekend of April 9th, 2018 for also driving under the influence.  Officer Amritpal Aujla was taken into custody by CA Highway Patrol officers and booked into Santa Rita Jail over the weekend. So far we know:

  • The officer was booked for suspicion of driving with a blood alcohol level (BAC) of .08
  • Oakland Police Department confirmed the officer is inactive
  • Aujla is a graduate of the department’s 171st academy, a category that has seen a strangely sizable amount of graduates conflict of the law.  Arrizon is additionally a 171st Academy Graduate.
  • Two other officers from the 171st academy have also had issues with the law.  There names are Brian Bunton and Matthew Santos.
    • Brian Bunton case of conspiracy and prostitution was dismissed due to a lack of evidence that was presented.
    • Matthew Santos who was charged with threatening a man with a gun was found guilty.  This resulted in Santos being expelled from the Oakland Police Department.
  • The 171st Academy for the OPD (Oakland Police Department) added a total of 35 cadets to the force.

It is not know the reason for the high amount of legal issues facing this set of recruits.

Source: CBS News


Officer DUI Arrest

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