Blood Alcohol Calculator

Blood alcohol calculator estimates your BAC level.  However, BAC varies as a result of a multitude of different factors like food intake, fluid intake, etc.


0.00 – 0.03%Normal behavior, no impairment
0.03 – 0.06%Mild euphoria and impairment; decreased inhibitions
0.06 – 0.10%Buzzed, euphoric, increased impairment
0.10 – 0.20%Drunk, emotional swings, slurred speech, nausea, loss of reaction time and motor control
0.20 – 0.30%Confused, nauseated, poor mentation, blackout
0.30 – 0.40%Possibly unconscious, unarrousable, loss of bladder function, risk of death
Above 0.40%Unconscious, coma, impaired breathing, risk of death


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