Bail Bond

A Bail bond is a surety bond provided by a bail bonds company that is used to secure the release of a person from jail.  When someone is arrested and held in jail for a crime committed they must appear in front of a judge who may or may not set a bail amount.  If bail is denied by the judge the individual must stay in jail until he or her trial.  However, if the judge does set a bail amount it is usually more than one individual can pay so a bail bonds company steps and pays the amount.  The jailed suspect has to pay a certain percentage of the total bail set by the court.  The bail bonds company will seek collateral from the defendant to cover the remaining amount.  The bail bond company will charge a percentage of the bail for their services rendered.  If the defendant disappears and does not make his or her court date, the bail bonds company has to pay the face value of the bond to the courts.  They are highly motivated to get the defendant into custody as to avoid a huge loss.  They will utilize bounty hunters to find the defendant and bring them into custody where they will most likely lose the option of having a bail amount set again.

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